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Dollar rallies on signs of US ‘soft landing’

The dollar rallied on Thursday, as the US economy showed signs of recovery and the dollar index climbed above the 102 level.

27 January 2023

Gold dips as the dollar rallies

Gold prices plummeted on Thursday, dropping to $1,922 per ounce.

27 January 2023

Oil edges higher on strong demand outlook

Oil prices edged higher on Thursday as the global demand outlook improved, with WTI price touching $81.6 per barrel.

27 January 2023

Cryptocurrencies volatile in bulls vs bears fight

Crypto markets experienced high volatility in early trade on Thursday, as a bullish surge failed to gain momentum and cryptocurrencies pared most of their gains.

27 January 2023

Dollar weakens ahead of US GDP

The dollar traded with low volatility on Wednesday, edging lower as markets await the release of US GDP data on Wednesday.

26 January 2023

Gold volatile on global economic concerns

Gold prices were volatile on Wednesday, influenced by uncertainty in some of the world’s biggest economies and global recession concerns.

26 January 2023

Oil rebounds on disappointing US crude inventory rise

Oil prices started to recover on Wednesday after US crude oil inventories failed to meet market expectations.

26 January 2023

Cryptocurrencies lose bullish momentum

Cryptocurrencies edged lower on Wednesday, losing their bullish momentum and paring some of last week’s gains.

26 January 2023

Dollar dips as markets weigh Fed rate hike expectations

Dollar dips as markets weigh Fed rate hike expectations

25 January 2023

Myrsini Giannouli
PhD, MSc

Myrsini Giannouli is a financial analyst with over 6 years of high-level market analysis in TopFX. She specialises in data analysis and forecasting for currency and commodity trading. Her main goal is to provide TopFX clients with current and actionable information and forecasting, based on fundamental and technical analysis.

Myrsini Giannouli has been awarded a PhD from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the area of energy technology and an MSc with honours from the University of Manchester. She has published over 20 papers in peer reviewed journals, co-authored several books and presented over 30 papers in international conferences.

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