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Oil prices edge higher on supply concerns

Oil prices rose slightly on Tuesday after falling to nine-month lows on Monday.

28 September 2022

Cryptocurrencies volatile amid market turbulence

Most major cryptocurrency prices exhibited high volatility on Tuesday amid overall market turbulence.

28 September 2022

Sterling hits all-time low after new UK budget

The Sterling collapsed early on Monday and the GBP/USD rate fell to an all-time low of 1.035.

27 September 2022

Gold prices tumble as dollar, yields surge

Gold prices retreated on Monday, falling to the $1,623 per ounce level.

27 September 2022

Oil prices slide as risk aversion sentiment prevails

Oil prices tumbled to nine-month lows on Monday as monetary tightening intensified global recession concerns.

27 September 2022

Crypto markets disconnect from stock markets

Crypto markets edged higher on Monday, after retreating last week.

27 September 2022

Yen surges after intervention

The Yen plummeted after the BOJ meeting on Thursday, with the USD/JPY rate spiking above the 145-level resistance.

23 September 2022

Gold volatile on heightened market uncertainty

Gold prices were volatile on Thursday, seesawing between $1,655 per ounce and $1,685 per ounce.

23 September 2022

Oil prices steady in the wake of the Fed meeting

Oil prices were steady on Thursday, balanced out by competing market forces.

23 September 2022

Myrsini Giannouli
PhD, MSc

Myrsini Giannouli is a financial analyst with over 6 years of high-level market analysis in TopFX. She specialises in data analysis and forecasting for currency and commodity trading. Her main goal is to provide TopFX clients with current and actionable information and forecasting, based on fundamental and technical analysis.

Myrsini Giannouli has been awarded a PhD from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the area of energy technology and an MSc with honours from the University of Manchester. She has published over 20 papers in peer reviewed journals, co-authored several books and presented over 30 papers in international conferences.

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