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Inside view: Interview with Rachelle Matta, TopFX Head of Retention

05/04/20222 mins. read


Our Head of Retention, Rachelle Matta, talks about her role and the change she aspires to create.

1. Hi Rachelle, can you tell us about your role as Global Head of Retention? What does it entail?


As a Head of Retention, I aim to make our traders feel connected to TopFX and focus on their investing goals. I want to hear their success stories, resolve any issues they may face and help them have trust in their ability to trade efficiently. My role entails working closely with the Head of MENA Region, Omar Al-Janabi and the Head of Sales, Muhammad Asim to formulate and execute retention strategies that improve the client journey. As you may expect, the formulation of an effective retention strategy comes after carefully reviewing our clients’ feedback to identify potential areas of improvement. For example, some clients may require more information on how to manage risk; risk management is one of the three central pillars of trading, along with strategy and psychology. Even if you have the best trading strategy in the world, and perfect trading psychology, you still need good risk management to trade with confidence. Besides issues that are related to the actual trading process, at TopFX, we are constantly working to improve the efficiency of transactions and the whole onboarding process. We want traders to have a seamless experience and feel like they are given more than they ask for.

2. What positive change would you like to create? Can you share with us your vision?

If we want to succeed in this highly competitive market, we really need to understand our clients. What are traders' preferences, likes and dislikes? What do they require so that they become loyal to the brand? My vision is to cultivate a culture of frequent broker-trader interactions where customer feedback is used proactively as a basis for optimising their trading experience.

3. What are the challenges that traders face and how you can help address them?

There are multiple challenges that traders may face. One that comes first in mind is that they often feel overwhelmed. Most traders soon realise that there is no finish line with regard to trading knowledge. The more they learn, the more there is to learn; risk management, indicators, chart patterns, trading system creation. As traders explore these areas, they may get overwhelmed.

The thing is, you don’t need to learn everything at once. If you think about it, the same rule applies to life in general.  There’s so much to see, do, and learn. No one can ever do it all. So we must carefully choose what we place our attention on and focus on the most relevant part of the process.

My role is to build processes that reduce traders’ stress and enable them to focus on getting started.  TopFX offers all the right tools for beginner and advanced traders alike. There are numerous trading tools that can assist clients to make informed trading decisions such as exclusive market analysis by our own financial analyst or in-platform trading signals by renowned research houses. On top of that, we offer a selection of trading tools for those traders who prefer performing their own market analysis. Most importantly, we are always available for the trader to reach out to us and have their questions answered. 

One small step at a time, a few small steps each day. That’s how Rome was built! And that’s how we will enhance our potential for trading success.


4. Why should traders choose TopFX among other brokers?

When traders ask me the above question, I always say to them: “Why not?” TopFX has been in the market as a Liquidity Provider for a decade before we opened our doors to traders of all sizes. We have some of the best spreads in the market and super-fast, reliable execution, a fact that can be verified by many of our clients. Besides our low pricing and sharp execution, we have a wide range of instruments that clients can trade. We offer over 60+ Forex Pairs, 500 Share CFDs, Indices, Energies, Metals, Crypto, CFDs and even ETFs. Therefore, a big part of our success comes from our strong roots in the industry and institutional products.

TopFX has been in the market as a Liquidity Provider for a decade before we opened our doors to traders of all sizes.

5. What’s your strongest attribute as a person?

I have acquired my CAMS certificate in June 2021 as a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist in addition to my CySec advance certificate in May 2017. These certifications empowered me with an understanding of core principles and risks in the financial markets and my commitment to detect and prevent Money Laundering and Financial Crime. But my passion for the financial markets was always the motivating force that propelled me to deepen my understanding of the industry. As an analytical person, I wish to combine my knowledge of legal principles and my passion to support our traders to stay on top of their investments. I am committed to succeeding because once you insist on success, the world is yours. Doubts and uncertainty will never help you conquer anything. My approach to success is methodical. I set goals, and then outline the steps needed to achieve them. There can be no real success without the willingness to take some risks. So let’s be ready,  flexible and most importantly, willing.

Rachelle Matta is the Head of Retention for MENA & other non-EU countries.

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