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How Market Analysis can help you trade better?

15/12/20212 mins. read


In this interview with our Financial Analyst, Myrsini Giannouli, we touch on the nitty-gritty of market analysis and its potential to help traders make better decisions. We welcome 2022 by discussing the main economic trends that may unfold this year as the global economies are trying to recover from the pandemic. 




1. What's the greatest challenge in writing high-quality market analysis and how do you overcome it?

The greatest challenge in providing high-level market analysis is to acquire a better understanding of future economic trends. My goal is to always stay ahead of current developments by studying global political actions and socioeconomic conditions that help shape currency rates and commodity prices. This helps me to provide TopFX clients with financial analysis that is not limited to day-to-day fundamentals but also provides some insight into future market trends.



2. Can you name 3 factors that can help traders make better decisions?


1. Being informed of major daily market news and fundamentals.


2. Keeping an eye on upcoming actions and events that can cause trade spikes and reverse existing trends.


3. Identifying basic technical features in trading charts, such as resistance and support levels, trend lines.


In TopFX, we aim to provide our clients with high-quality research analysis that will help them make more informed trading decisions.



3. Economic Outlook of 2022: What are the main themes/trends we should have in mind?


With the global economy still reeling from the effects of the COVID pandemic, the main focus for most countries in 2022 will be to restart their economies and try to offset the damage caused by two years of lockdowns and restrictions. Rising inflation rates in the US, Europe and the UK are prompting national banks to consider changing their monetary policies by adjusting interest rates and bond purchasing. Traders should especially keep an eye on indicators of inflation that provide insight into future changes in monetary policy. 


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